Relieving movement of overrsized and heavy weight equipment!

Our Heavy Machinery Movement scope is to provide throught innovative solutions the most cost-effective and safest solution to the handling of machines and heavy machinery, even of in- plant relocation or international relocation.

We are able to manufacture a wide variety of spe- cial lifting equipment, up to 150 tons of load capa- city. With the involvement of our contracted part- ners we can solve the movement of equipment up to 600 tons. In addition of moving, we carry out complete transport processes, including packag- ing of new and used equipments.

We know, that in complex processes how essen- tial is preparing task before the work starts, co- ordinating and managing part-tasks. Due to our extensive experience, we have a great routine inthe field of special machinery, therefore we striveto achieve production lines leveling and precision leveling with accuracy of 0.01 mm / m.